Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fabulosas! Loooooooooooooook! My favorite Ebay seller has another pair of Kenneth Cole Milkshake boots! If any of you are a size 5 1/2, you must get them. This is the seller who sold me my pair of Milkshake boots that I wear and wear all winter. You must get them and be fabulous like me.

I've been neglecting all of you and this blog for an unusual reason, my dear fabulosas. It will shock you to know that I have been struggling with my devotion to couture lately. I was having trouble reconciling the amount of money spent on couture and the lack of food children in Africa receive. Yes, I know it is not the same thing, but it was bothering me nonetheless. It will not be surprising to know that I have found a brilliant way to justify our love of couture: Since the clothes/shoes/bags you would buy that are not couture are often at least partially made in sweatshops or with slave labor, it is far more ethical to buy couture. You are doing the right thing by paying more to ensure that your clothes/shoes/bags are made by people who are paid a living wage. Oh, the beauty of that argument, it does stun me!

There is simply no reason to buy things that are cheaply made and not fabulous. We have a duty to the rest of the world to ensure that we consume in a conscious, ethical way and the only way to do that is to buy from designers who use craftsmen and women to make their fabulous pieces of pretty. Truly, if you're not buying couture you're not a very nice person. You don't want to be a mean person, do you, fabulosas? I don't think you do. Besides, who wants to be mean while wearing cheap shoes? That's just tacky.

Be a better person: buy couture.

Today's favorite shoe:

Giuseppe Zanotti

14 Fabulosas:

Sophie said...

Nice! Might have to get a pair. I'm loving hush puppies at moment got these boots:

There's loads of nice shoes on the site

You should have a look if you like these kinds of shoes...

Sarah Von said...

Excellent argument there! Also, those shoes cry out for think white carpets, fur edged dressing gowns and swanning around the pool. Love them!

Jane said...

The shoes are very elegant. Love them!

MarcusG said...

Why no updates?

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Anonymous said...

I love your shoe blog!!
I am such a shoe lover myself, I wanted to add that there are these new sandals...called Swamisz...from Australia! Perfect for Yoga or shopping uptown!! I love them, you will too. check it out

Tina Lane said...

I will have to check out your ebay connections. Good info!

Cheap Fitflops said...

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Jeff Kwart said...

That rocks. It looks like one i saw on
This site is awesome. They have the best in shoes and handbags.

Shoetopia said...

Wish I could see the shoe :'(. It has been removed... probably all sold out and done.

Thanks for sharing... really interesting posts! Loving wasting time reading about shoes :D.

junaid said...

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