Thursday, July 17, 2008

Liesl, 7N

Oh, fabulosas, I have been neglecting you more than usual. I have been oddly uninspired lately, but I promise I have not forgotten you. Luckily, I have some shoe loving students this semester who are helping to feed my shoe adoration needs; perhaps they will help inspire me.

I went to the mall the other day with Shelley to see a movie and, naturally, shop. I knew I couldn't really shop because I had had to cancel my credit card (I only allow myself one) after I had trouble canceling an automatic bill pay item. But I had brought $100 with me for the movie and lunch and thought I would be wise with the rest and save it for the week. Sometimes I lie to myself.

As Shelley and I were passing the Steve Madden store, I spied an adorable pair of flips (on sale!) and I knew the saving of the money was not going to happen. But really? How could I have passed these pretty little things up? I was fortunate enough to wear them the next night to see Eddie Izzard on stage. Much to my chagrin, he was not wearing heels. Don't tell Mr. Fancy Pants, but I'd leave him for Eddie. A straight man who loves heels as much as I do? How could I not? Anyway, I think I did the right thing with the weeks' money, don't you? After all, fabulous new shoes are the point of having money in the first place. It would be illogical not to have spent my last cash on shoes. Right?

OHMYGOD. Remember the Madden black mules my stupid dog chewed up? Remember the subsequent hunt all over Dallas for a new perfect pair? As I was looking for the picture of the cute new flip I noticed that he is making them again! He heard the call! I think I may have to go cry tears of happy fortune, now.

I promise, no more neglecting you, fabulosas. I am back; I will be updating this blog and sharing my brilliant shoe insight far more often. Regularity, after all, isn't just for bran muffins.

Today's favorite shoe:

Emilio Pucci "764972"