Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello! I have not dropped off the face of the planet. An odd thing happened last year that I have not had the heart to tell people. It's really sort of a tragedy. Well, the truth is, I lost my shoe mojo. How did this happen? Dead grass caused it.

You see, the grass in our front yard around the weeping willow died. It didn't just die, though, it died in a ring around the willow. So, I decided to do something about the yard, something different. We also had this weedy looking vine all over the yard that was planted to fill in some beds and I didn't like it. I figured I could just dig it up and plant stuff I did like. Oh, and we had ivy, which harbors roaches, so it had to go, too. Now, if you know anything about trying to dig up vines, you know that it is next to impossible. But I kept trying. And trying. And then I decided I needed some Wellies to wear while doing it. So I bought six pairs. This is not surprising, is it?

As I kept attempting to dig out the vines that were taking over our beds, I started to do a little research on what to plant there instead. The more I researched, though, the more I wanted to know. And the more I found out, the dirtier my Wellies became. And the dirtier they became, the less I wore anything else. Even now, as I sit here next to my heater typing this post, I am wearing Wellies. I was, after all, just planting some ornamental grasses outside. So anyway, back to why this has taken away my shoe mojo. So, as my priorities shifted from all that is pretty in molded form, I started to realize that I was more concerned about the things growing under my feet than the things adorning my feet.

I guess the true test came when I realized that instead of lovingly cleaning my shoes with special cleaners and lotions I was hosing them off with a garden hose. And, my Ferragamos and Kenneth Coles were dusty. Yes, dusty. They simply did not belong in a dirt war and I was doing nothing but waging that battle against invasive species and trying to kill the rest of the grass. Oh, why did the grass die in a ring? because the previous owners of this house poured concrete under the willow in an attempt to keep it from getting into the pipes. Yes, I am serious.

So, for now, I will soldier on with the perpetual war against ivy suckers and mud tracked through the house and hope my shoe mojo comes back. Maybe it will. I did get some fabulous Sperry Wellies the other day.

Hey, nobody said gardening had to make you ugly.

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