Saturday, July 29, 2006

Liesl, 7N

First of all, today is Suz's birthday. Happy birthday, Suz! Send her a birthday greeting at

I had another shoe dream last night. Suz and I were fugitives from justice in fabulous shoes. We had helped someone kidnap kids out of an abusive situation and we were on the run from the law. You know how in dreams you often do things literally? Well, we were actually running from the law in this dream... in black strappies. I remember looking down at my feet and thinking my fabulous shoes were surprisingly comfortable for running.

Somehow, we managed to stop running long enough to check out Steven Spielberg's new line of Christmas shoes. It didn't seem odd to either one of us that a Jewish film maker would have a line of Christmas shoes. He had a picture of a Christmas tree in his childhood bedroom that was made to look like the place Santa left from to deliver his toys on the shoe label. The shoes weren't even particularly Christmasy. If I remember correctly, they were mostly boots with faux sheepskin lining. Which I support since I like sheep. Yes, I know I am a hypocrite. Anyway, they weren't cute and they were cheap looking, yet we were admiring them. Oddities so far:
1. Steven Spielberg had a line of shoes.
2. They were Christmas shoes.
3. Santa Claus was small enough to live in a Christmas tree.
4. That tree was in Steven Spielberg's childhood bedroom.
5. We were admiring ugly shoes. That really is the oddest part.

I had a pair of Christmas shoes when I was a teenager. I had tied a pair of patent leather lace ups with red and green ribbons and attached bells to those ribbons. I would make a bad fugitive from justice in shoes like that.

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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BCBG Max Azria "Zahida"

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I would just like to point out that Zappos is having their huge clearance sale this week. Yes, I've already bought a pair of Pliners and I have my eye on a pair of Bass loafers. They're light green! how could you not love light green loafers? Anyway, I encourage everyone to go to Zappos and spend your paychecks on fabulous shoes. Might I suggest:

Cherry red never looked so fabulous.
Basic black with a bit of a peek a boo.
These are too gorgeous for words.
Strappies are my favorite.
Can't you see this with a gorgeous cocktail dress?
I don't think I can express strongly enough how much I need these.
You can't go wrong with something so beautiful.

You get the picture. I only went through the first 10 pages of the clearance section and I found these gems. I give each of you permission to treat yourself to little pieces of fabulous this week.

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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RSVP "Alexis," which happens to be on sale at Zappos this week.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Liesl, 7N

As I was sitting in my doctor's office waiting room today I looked around me at all of the shoes women were wearing. I was struck by one woman in particular; she was in a wheelchair and she had not a tooth in her head. She was quite old and probably quite sick since this was an oncology office but I'll be damned if she didn't have on her satin dancing shoes. It got me to thinking: is there ever a time when we should not wear our fabulous shoes?

I would surmise that this woman felt better about herself and her situation by wearing these shoes, even though she could no longer dance in them. I think that is an incredibly valid reason to have and to wear fabulous shoes. I was wearing my sandals with bling, though I had originally planned to wear sweats and tennies. (don't tell Suz!) As I was rushing out the door it dawned on me that I would feel better about sitting in a doctor's office for however long if I was wearing some fabulous shoes. I think perhaps insurance companies should write a shoe clause into their policies.

Fabulous shoes as a cure for cancer? Hmmmm!

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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Stuart Weitzman "Open Fire"

Saturday, July 08, 2006

What Liesl Said

Suz 10N

I was just reading about Liesl's experience with the girl in the pink shoes. Liesl is right on in her assessment. If you love shoes (and fashion), when someone compliments you, that opens up a whole world of communication.

I can attest to this because I had that very experience on the E train the other day between Penn Station and 5th Ave/53rd Street.

I got on the train, and as usual, took a look around. I always check people out on the train. Standing right in front of me was a woman with short, chic dark hair, glasses, a gorgeous teal wrap dress, and teal wedge sandals with a cork heel. She looked great. Really great. I pondered for a moment(it's often not a good idea to speak to strangers on the subway), but decided someone who looked that good couldn't be bad.

I leaned over, and said "excuse me, but I just have to tell you, you look fabulous!" A big grin lit up her face, and we immediately started chatting. Turns out she was feeling somewhat insecure about her outfit. Silly girl. This, of course, led to fashion talk. What Not To Wear, specifically. We worked our way through various horrors we'd seen on that show, and then I told her about this blog. I told her about my Choo experience. She oohed and ahhed. She complimented my shoes (Linea Paolo flats). We kept chatting and chatting, and nearly missed our stop. We had to part ways at that point.

I've thought about that conversation with pleasure over the past few days. It's a fine example of how fashion can open doors to new experiences. If she looked like crap, I never would have spoken to her. Why compliment someone who doesn't bother to look good? You don't walk up to someone on the E train who is wearing sweats and crocs and tell them - "gee you look so comfortable!" You probably would avoid them, thinking they were a heroin addict. Instead, because this woman took the time to look good, I ended up with a good memory, and a good mood that lasted the whole day.

Judith, if you're reading this blog - I thought you looked great. And I hope your date that night went really well. I'll see you on the E train sometime.

Today's shoe:

Rene Caovilla Ornamental Wedge

Friday, July 07, 2006

Liesl, 7N

As I was sitting in traffic court today (ticketed for having too much style in traffic) I noticed a young woman next to me and her fabulous pink shoes. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her that her shoes were nice; she sort of nodded and grunted a thank you then went back to reading. I had to wonder if she was a faux shoe lover.

Women who truly love shoes want to talk about those shoes. If you compliment a woman on her shoes and she has real shoe love she will want to tell you all about where she got the shoes, how much she loves them, where she wears them and how they make her feel. It is very similar to being in love only shoe love is far more solid and obvious. You can always count on your shoes, right? Notsomuch so with a lover. Would your shoes leave you sitting at home while he goes out with the guys? Would your shoes cheat on you? Your Choos wouldn't leave you wondering if they are going to call. See? it's a much more solid relationship.

Anyway, women who don't want to tell you all about their shoes are not true shoe lovers. They may pretend to love them when they buy them, but really? they are just buying shoes for their utility, for what the shoes can do for them. True love is reciprocal, you know.

My case was dismissed; the judge knew you can't fault people for being fabulous.

Today's Favorite shoe:
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Christian Louboutin "Yoyo Zeppa"

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I had another shoe dream last night. The houses of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent had teamed up to make a slide with their logos all over it and I was positively euphoric because it was affordable and I was going to be able to buy it. I remember what the shoe looked like and so I must only assume that aliens kidnapped me last night and implanted the idea that such an ugly shoe would be something I would want. There is no other explanation.

As I was eating lunch at a very fashionable restaurant yesterday I noticed a woman next to me in evening shoes, complete with spangly snaps. The problem was, she was wearing Capri pants and a casual top. Pretty shoes are only pretty when they are worn appropriately, ladies. The combination of lime green strappies with bling and Capri pants is just horrifying. We were in such close quarters in that restaurant that it was all I could do to eat my fabulous chicken salad lunch. Green beans in chicken salad? yes, please. I ended up having to turn bodily away from that table so that I could look at the kitchen door, my husband, my mom, anything other than the wrong combination eating a different version of chicken salad next to me.

We like our chicken salad and strappies in Dallas.

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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Rene Caovilla "Edna"