Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liesl, 7N

When I am out and about without my husband and he happens to call me on my cell phone which I just happen to have with me and turned on, I always answer, "I'm not shopping!" Three fourths of the time that isn't true, but what we doesn't know won't hurt him. I'm usually able to hide the evidence before he gets home and only rarely am I busted. Maybe it's more true that Mr. Fancy Pants is in a deep state of denial.

I met the man who has the website again on Friday. He just had to meet me at a Barnes and Noble that was next to a DSW. And I just happened to get there an hour early after my lunch with my gorgeous friend Erika ended. What's a shopping addict to do? Um... shop? I picked up a cute pair of Rampage sandals with bling on the toe hole and not much else and a cute pair of flips with pearls on the straps. The flips were something like $4 and you can never have too many flips for tooling around the garden, house, pool, or discount shopping. Remember ladies, nice shoes for nice stores.

This time the fault was truly not mine for the shopping. Truly. No one could expect me to pass up shoes when I have time to spare and vast availability. No one. It would be like someone blaming a crack ho for smoking crack when it was handed to her for free. Or, blaming a gambler for betting on a game that was a sure thing, like the Patriots versus the Giants. Wait, that one doesn't work. The point is, I am not to blame for this one; I took one for the team of people everywhere who have their addictions thrust on them against their will. It wasn't my fault! Stop looking at me like that!

Addiction may be too strong of a word for what I have; let's call it an undying need to pretty up the place.

Today's favorite shoe:
Casadei "3891"

11 Fabulosas:

casablancabride said...

ooo those are fabulous Favorite Shoes today. They look like something from a 1950s boudoir...very chic!

Shoegirls said...

I agree! I'm bummed that they are no longer available. That's what happens when you hang on to shoes for awhile before posting them, I suppose.

Shoegirls said...

By the way, I named a cat Isabel Archer. :>

greenpalm said...

oouuh. Nice shoes for nice stores. I have so much to learn. I think that must be like "fish are friends not food." you didn't buy the shoes at Barnes and Noble, right?

Shoegirls said...

Pshaw! stick with me, grasshoppah. Speaking of which, need to email you because we're having an easter brunch/egg hunt for the kidlets.

Crispy Banana said...

i dont love mules, and the flower print is a bit grandma... but as a shoe person myself, i know that sometimes a shoe just speaks to us, and is meant for our feet, even if it doesnt appeal to everyone. I have plenty of times picked out a shoe that people thought was hideous until i put it on..and then..voila! beauty.

Jack said...

omg!Really Fantastic

Allne peter said...

Those are gorgeous!

junaid said...

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