Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Liesl, 7N

Squeeeeeee! a wedding in the fabulosa universe! I am so excited to announce that my beautiful friend Jenni is marrying my less beautiful friend Huan. It's not that he's not beautiful, but he's a man. You get that, right? Jenni told me tonight of their impending nuptials and I am so excited I think I teeteed a little bit.

I love weddings. I watch wedding shows and I take Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Weddings are the time we are supposed to be at our best and the time people are supposed to love us so much that they buy us ridiculously complex and expensive mixers. But fabulosas, let us not forget the most important part of any wedding: the wedding shoes. I am getting flushed at the thought.

We've talked about special shoes before and what they mean to us, but let's talk specifically about wedding shoes. As we prepare to cross the threshold into a new life and a new family, shouldn't it be done in our most special shoes? Yes, I do believe it should. Your wedding day is the most important shoe day of your life. Even if your dress will cover your shoes the entire time, it doesn't matter; you will still know that your most fabulous asset for the day is your shoes. Walk into your life on happy little pillows of joy!

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new, something fabulous in shoes.

Today's favorite shoe:
Vera Wang

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casablancabride said...

I agree completely that one's wedding shoes must be fabulous regardless of who sees them. I wore Donald J. Pliner's "Coda" in antique gold to match my chocolate brown, champagne, and gold color scheme. I loved how the cut outs on my shoes showed off my Moroccan-style wedding henna. :)

Sadly, I don't think they come in gold anymore, at least not from zappos.

Shoegirls said...

Those are gorgeous! I bet they looked just amazing with the henna peaking through.

casablancabride said...

*sigh* they were fabulous. Here's a picture: http://tinyurl.com/2y5se9

Liesl said...

Gaaaaaasp! That is sublime! Now I want to see your dress.

casablancabride said...

Your wish is my command, oh mighty shoe-goddess!

The side/bustle view: http://tinyurl.com/2o2tyy

Close-up of the back:

The front view:

More henna:

casablancabride said...

Aww crap! Two of those are only thumbnails. Here's the link to the full images:

More henna:

Close up of the back:

Shoegirls said...

GORGEOUS! And the dress is pretty, too. :> How did you find someone to do the Mendhi? I've always wanted to do it on my hands but am at a loss of how to find someone to do it.

casablancabride said...

Well, that's a great story actually. I contacted a couple of artists in Philly and NYC but it was over $600 for them to travel to central PA, which was just too much money. A family friend of my mother-in-law knew someone local, so I booked her...and she called me 6 weeks before the wedding and cancelled. I was pretty upset, but the henna was really important to me since my husband and I met in Morocco and henna was one of the main elements of our theme/color scheme (the henna pattern was repeated on our cake, and hand-painted on our invitations and programs).

Fortunately, there is a large university in the town so I ended up emailing the presidencies of the Muslim Student Association and the Indian Student Association and asking if any of them knew anyone who did henna. My email was forwarded to a girl from the MSA and I booked her shortly after.

She was AWESOME and she managed to do my hands and feet and the feet of my mom, mother-in-law & 6 bridesmaids in about 4.5 hours for less than half the cost of one of the pros from the city.

Shoegirls said...

That was an excellent idea! I always thought it would be fun to have a huge party with different "services" being offered, one of them being henna. I saw a how to kit at Barnes and Noble the other day, but I couldn't do it on myself. I am way too clumsy for such a thing. Now I want to see the cake and the invitations!

casablancabride said...

Invitation design: http://tinyurl.com/2xwgva
but with this picture instead:

After I painted the henna design, I folded the invites and then tied a chocolate brown satin ribbon around them. They were lovely but a lot of work!

And the cake (this is a non-pro pic, so don't mind the awkward faces we're making heheh!:

The cake in black & white:

I painted the henna design on a piece of paper and gave it to our cake designer so she could pipe it on our cake in chocolate buttercream. She did a great job and it was such a tasty cake.

casablancabride said...

And here's a picture of our programs:


Shoegirls said...

Simply gorgeous! You're making me want to have another wedding. Are you a painter?

casablancabride said...

I do paint, but aside from the wedding stuff I haven't done much in the last few years. I had actually planned on taking out a canvas this weekend but we'll see if the weather holds. It's been insanely smoggy here this week and I don't relish the thought of sitting out in the smog with a paint brush... :)

casablancabride said...

I do paint, but aside from the wedding stuff I haven't done much in the last few years. I had actually planned on taking out a canvas this weekend but we'll see if the weather holds. It's been insanely smoggy here this week and I don't relish the thought of sitting out in the smog with a paint brush... :)

Shoegirls said...

I hope you get to go out. I didn't know they had smog in Utah. I have this idea of Utah being utterly clean. Why is that, I wonder?

casablancabride said...

Yeah most people have this idea of pristine mountain air in Utah, but in the winter we have a lovely weather effect called an inversion:

It lasts a couple of days or until a storm clears the warm air away. But last year I think there were 9 days in a row where the sun was blotted out by a cloud of smog. Here's a picture of what the inversion looks like from the top of the mountains. Salt Lake City is buried under the giant gray cloud.


Shoegirls said...

I shouldn't be surprised since I lived half of my childhood in Denver. It seems similar.

So, how is the shopping in Utah?

casablancabride said...

Eeeh...shopping here is decent but not great. I have a really hard time finding good shoes. The stores here carry kind of blah designs and I actually went to a department store where the manager of the shoe department "hadn't heard" of Jimmy Choo.

There are a couple of really great local boutiques in the area that have great stuff though. It's kind of hit or miss.

How is it in Dallas?

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