Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Liesl, 7N

Oh, fabulosas, fabulosas, fabulosas! Looooook! If one of you doesn't get those shoes I will be very upset. They are GORGEOUS and they are such an amazing price! I've mentioned that that is my favorite ebay seller, right? I've bought Pliner and Kenneth Cole from them and they are so wonderful. But those Kenneth Coles are simply to die for. Oh my god, I want these so, so badly. I promised Mr. Fancy Pants that I wouldn't go crazy on ebay, though. My life is so hard.

Is it a boudoir slipper or a fabulous slingback? You decide! I have some of these in a half boot and they are killer. They look incredible with jeans. You should get them. And these. You realize that if you are a size 10 you are morally required to get these, right? Who doesn't need a pair of red ankle boots? Or strappy sandals?

I'm not an enabler, I just know what's good for my beloved fabulosas.

Today's favorite shoe:
Isabella Fiore "Revolver"

1 Fabulosas:

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