Friday, February 01, 2008

Liesl, 7N

Oh, Donald. Donald, Donald, Donald. There is no featuring of Crocs on fabulous shows. You have just made The Apprentice the bitch of foam made hideousness. I don't care that Crocs is donating shoes to people in need! If they truly wanted to do something good they'd donate a fabulous pair of shoes for every Croc someone turns in as a way to make up for the ugly they have spread around the world. It would be like those turn in your gun programs, only better.

A very smart man contacted me recently and asked if I would be interested in writing for his website. I met with him today and have agreed to write the content on his site. When we get it up and going I will be sure to link it here so that you all can bask in my displayed glory. This means, of course, that I get to go shopping even more. Woe, my life; it does pinch.

Here's my bargain with all of you: for every pair of Crocs you send me that I can destroy I will donate $5 to the Autism Society of America.

Today's favorite shoe:
Ralph Lauren

3 Fabulosas:

Anonymous said...

Ack. I'm certainly no fabulosa, but I was also sad to see that Bill Cosby actually WEARS Crocs. I saw him live, and he was wearing gray UMass sweats, and army-green Crocs. If that wasn't bad enough, he wore them with white cotton socks. This was for a performance, not a chance encounter on his way to buy cold medicine or some other context where this look might be forgivable. The Crocs also didn't seem to be part of his act (I thought maybe he'd make jokes about them, but no).

Shoegirls said...

Oh, how sad. Heroes should never wear bad shoes.

junaid said...

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