Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Liesl, 7N

Yesterday one of my students said he is sure Crocs are the same shoes they issue prisoners. As you all are aware, the United States has a retributive justice system; now, I've never been to prison or anywhere near a prison, but I imagine that if they issue prisoners Crocs as part of their uniform, they do it as part of their punishment. Can you imagine being trapped in a small space and having to see everyone around you in dayglo foam shoes? I shiver at the thought.

If my student is wrong and they do not issue Crocs to prisoners (and I doubt they do), then perhaps we should start a fund to do just that. I think it would be a good deterrent for young people who might think a life of crime is the way to go. Instead of telling youngsters stories about being abused in jail or losing your freedom, all we'd need to do is show them the shoes they would be forced to wear. I predict an instant drop in crime in the United States.

Then again, we are supposed to adhere to the constitution in this country. The 8th amendment clearly states that we shall not have "cruel and unusual punishment." I'm afraid that forcing prison inmates to wear Crocs would fall into the cruel and unusual category. Waterboarding might be bad, but forced to wear Crocs? that's a fate worse than being made to be the bitch of a large man known as "Tooty Pants."

Innocent until proven guilty only applies to people who know better than to wear dayglo shoes.

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