Monday, November 05, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I want to remind everyone that if you find a pair of couture shoes you love, be sure to check on them online every other day. When I have gone back to see if certain shoes are still available I've been amazed at how low the prices go when they go on clearance. You can score a pair of Manolos for close to $100! What an incredible deal!

Manolo pointed me to a new blog that I think is brilliant. This is so true: "Only the rich can afford cheap shoes." Do you know why that's true? because the rich have enough money to pay for the damage cheap shoes do to your feet. When we know that our feet must last because they carry us through our lives, for better or worse, why would we even consider buying anything from Payless or, perish the thought! Walmart? I think my toes just curled up at the thought of such a thing. Do you really think the people who made those shoes in China care about your feet? Whereas, the people in Italy who make my shoes imbue them with love and care and kisses and hugs. Clearly.

I kiss them back.

My feet will carry me through life because they are loved and cared for by men named Guido and Giuseppe in Vigevano.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Giuseppe Zanotti "I6629"

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