Thursday, November 01, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I wish I had written this: "When I see people wearing Crocs, I know immediately that we have nothing in common, and that we could never be friends or have any meaningful kind of relationship... The only thing that goes with Crocs is social ostracism."

Be still my beating heart. Seriously, my heart is aflutter and I am feeling a bit weak in the knees. Is it the fabulous shoes I am wearing? No, I don't think so because I am used to that sort of excitement. Is it the lack of shoe shopping this week? No, that can't be it since I did receive my fabulous Kenneth Cole boots a week ago. Is it a lack of oxygen to my brain from the excitement of reading ultimate truth? You know, I think that's it.

Do a thought experiment with me, fabulosas: Picture yourself on a romantic night where you are with your lovah and you both look as good as you can look. Now, scan down your body to your feet. Do you see Crocs? If you do, admit it: the mood just went from romance to a bad acid trip involving clowns and Minnie Mouse. You know I'm right.

Anyone who hates Crocs as much as I do has to be brilliant.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Emilio Pucci

2 Fabulosas:

Carolyn said...

I read blogs using Google reader and I was confused (very easily accomplished) where I was with this blog:

I thought I was reading your blog, by the title, but she's talking about crocs. I almost fell out of my chair.

Liesl said...