Thursday, May 24, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I was walking through Northpark the other day and I was thinking about how much fun it would be to do a shoe tour of Dallas. That gave me the idea for this post: Liesl's Extra Special Dallas Shoe Tour. Join me, fabulosas!

I pick you up in my Lexus at 10:00 A.M. I chose that time because it is a civilized time and it gives you enough time to get up, have your scones and coffee and get ready for our fabulous day. Please be advised: fabulous shoes only in my presence. Off we go! Shall we open the sun roof? Let's! Can you feel the wind in your hair and sun on your face as I whiz down the freeway? Aaah, refreshing!

Our first stop will be at Fossee's where we will spend two hours meticulously looking through the racks and on the floor for some fabulous shoes. It takes two hours because they often have shoes in other sizes that are mismarked and fit us. Sometimes the staff can hover, in a nice way, but we will take our time. Savor the dream of finding a perfect pair of kitten heeled pumps. As we search and search we will find at least three pairs of shoes we cannot live without. Time to pay! Isn't it lovely when our total is less than we expected because the prices are so good?

We leave Fossee's and head to Northpark. We park on the north side of the mall so that we can stop for lunch at Kona Grill. The Macadamia Nut Chicken is to die for. After we have sated our appetite for food, we head off to try to sate our appetite for shoes. We head west in the mall toward Nordstrom's. At Nordstrom's we spend two more hours delicately stroking the shoes and trying on as many pairs of fabulous shoes as possible. The salespeople at Nordstrom's are wonderful and they will treat us wonderfully. I will choose three pairs of shoes that I simply must have and I will pick our four for you. If you are smart, and I know you are, you will buy them. It's time to move on.

We now head south in the mall toward Neiman's. Before we hit the shoe floor we stop and take some refreshment at The Mermaid Bar n the ground floor. We will have an assortment of cakes and sweet tea. We will also be able to see some early examples of art by Bjorn Wiinblad who used this particular shoe girl as the model for his angels when she was a baby. Little known fact, don't you know.

After we have refreshed ourselves we head upstairs to the shoe department. By now you've probably spent a fair amount of money so I will only pick out one pair of shoes for you. As we reverently gaze at the gorgeous pieces of art in the shoe department we happen upon that perfect pair of Ferragamos that you simply must buy. You cannot leave the store without them in your bag. Oh, heaven!

It is finally time to leave Northpark and head to DSW. Now, I realize we are going from the sublime to the just plain pretty, but that's OK; we need to bring ourselves down a bit before we go back to our normal lives. As we head into the store we will immediately find two or three pairs of casual shoes we can't live without. We limit ourselves to five pairs since it is getting late and we are close to exhaustion. We manage to make it through the whole story and find six pairs, which we think we will go ahead and get since the prices are too good to pass up.

As we make our way back to your house with a trunk full of shoes we will know that we had a remarkably successful shoe tour. As I drop you at your house and you collect all of your packages, savor the moment as I must dash off into the night, never to return, to help other fabulosas with their shoe needs. I am as the wind, gone in an instant, leaving behind the smell of fabulous shoes.

My tour should be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fabulous.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Salvatore Ferragamo

4 Fabulosas:

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is:

WHERE CAN I SIGN UP!!! even though it might drive me broke. I must go on this tour!!!! Can I bring some girlfriends along, only if you're willing to help us all though.

Shoegirls said...

Absolutely! I would totally do this tour and help everyone. And I'd do it for free because I am just that nice.

If you're ever in Dallas, email us: shoegirlz123 at gmail dot com.

Jennifer said...

So, when are we going? Saturday?

I'm now jonesing for some Macadamia Nut Chicken, dammit.

Shoegirls said...

Sure thing, hotcakes! I wore my $9 thongs to get a pedi today and I was the envy of everyone in there.