Monday, May 21, 2007

Liesl, 7N

Oh, News 8.... what have you done? I was driving home from shoe shopping today and happened to hear a teaser for a story on our local news. What could this teaser promise that would cause me to DVR the news, you ask? A story about Crocs. I thought, surely! Dallas news, the place of pure news fluff and high fashion would have on a true story of foam gone mad. But no. It was all about how wonderful and comfortable the little pieces of pure ugly were and how popular they remain.

The medical claims that the manufacturers of Crocs make are bogus. A shoe cannot cure diseases or conditions; shoes can only make you happy. With that in mind, can you see how Crocs have absolutely no value? There is no way madness made real in foam can make a person happy. No one is made happy by garish Minnie Mouse shoes with holes in them. Any happiness you think you feel is akin to the feeling you get when you think your true love is Brad Pitt and you happen to meet a man who kind of resembles him and who tells you that he wants you to climb his big ol' Himalaya.

Come on people, let yourself be happy for once. I know we all grow up and acquire baggage (ugly Samsonite baggage) that makes us think we don't deserve happiness. Is this where the Croc fad comes from? Are you all wearing your insecurity on your feet? The truth is, we all deserve happiness and we can only get that happiness from fabulous shoes. Trade in your Crocs and your ugly Samsonite baggage for some Louboutins and Diane Von Furstenberg luggage. Why not have Brad Pitt instead of the cheap knock off? Don't you see? as long as you wear those hideous shoes you will believe that you do not deserve better in life. But you do.

If love is a great beautifier, can you imagine how much love you would feel in fabulous shoes.

Today's favorite shoe:
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