Thursday, May 10, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I had a small crisis on Tuesday. I've been so upset about it since then that I haven't even talked about it to Suz. I went shoe shopping with my friend Jen and found a gorgeous pair of ribbon sandals. They fit well and they were just so luxurious and pretty. I carried them around the store with me as we looked at the rest of the shoes. As we were getting ready to pay and leave I decided that the ribbon sandals were impractical and I put them back. After I had put the shoes back I realized what I had done and had a small break down. It was the first time I had chosen not to buy shoes because they were impractical. It was then that I reached for the Xanax.

Let me make this very clear: there is nothing wrong with buying impractical shoes. In fact, I encourage it. Impractical shoes remind us that life isn't about utility and has some unexpected, beautiful, impractical yet fabulous elements to it. Isn't that wonderful? What's practical about music? What's practical about the Mona Lisa? What's practical about 4-inch heels? But it doesn't matter because they are all fabulous. If we all wore only practical shoes we'd be wearing tennies everywhere. *shiver*

I ended up searching for another pair of shoes to make up for the ribbon sandals. I found a very cute pair of leopard print slides that are by the same designer who made the black slides I found a month ago. I am slowly replacing all of the Madden slides the dogs chewed up. I felt much better after finding another pair of fabulous slides and avoided the Xanax coma I would have induced to get over the horror of utility I had enacted. To hell with practicality!

Darling fabulosas, there is nothing practical about a leopard print.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Manolo Blahnik

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