Monday, May 07, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I had another shoe dream a few nights ago. I was at some market type place with lots of booths of different things to buy, sort of like the antique fairs I love so much. I found a booth that was selling Louboutins at cut rate prices. I think I teeteed myself a little bit in the dream with excitement.

Here's the odd part: my mom was there and she bought a pair of neon pink cowboy boots for $105. While it's odd that my mother would buy a pair of pink cowboy boots, the truly odd part is the idea that Christian Louboutin would make pink cowboy boots. I have nothing against cowboy boots, they have their place. If you are going to a John Travolta retrospective that is featuring Urban Cowboy, for example. Or, if you are going off to find yourself on a "dude" ranch for a week of brushing horses and severe indigestion from camp food. I will never understand how dirty horses and beans can lead to some sort of soulful epiphany, but then, I don't venture off the pavement onto the unbeaten path where you could get bitten by horse flies.

Anyway, after my mom left with her ridiculous boots I tried on a pair of 2-inch pumps that not only fit perfectly (think Cinderella made real) but were more comfortable than any shoe has ever been or will ever be. Now for the injustice of the dream: they were $400. I was furious, I mean, furious that the stupid cowboy boots were affordable and the ones that I needed were the ones I couldn't afford. I was so distraught I momentarily considered buying the pink boots, but then realized that that wouldn't do me any good since I wouldn't ever be on that dude ranch or sitting in the audience at a John Travolta retrospective.

I honestly believed that not being able to afford the perfect Louboutins was a great injustice. I even woke up crying. I suspect the shoes in my dream were a metaphor for another injustice I suffered recently and to be perfectly honest, the thought of not being able to afford the perfect Louboutins was far more traumatic. Shoes trump everything else. Clearly. I want those damn shoes!

The greatest injustice I have suffered in my life is not being able to afford an entire closet full of Louboutins. Life can be so unfair.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Christian Louboutin, of course.

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