Saturday, April 21, 2007

Liesl, 7N

Would you wear used shoes if they were fabulous? I ask this because I have been going back and forth on this issue over the past few days. I was looking around on Manolo's blog and I came across a section of links for the latest fabulous ebay listings for fabulous shoes. I lost my head a little bit and bid on a pair of used Louboutin flats. Now, y'all know that I love Louboutin more than all others and that I also do not own a pair. The idea of owning a pair went to my head and I almost had them. So close. I was outbid and that turned out to be OK. Though, I really must have these. Oh, there I go again! Bad, Liesl! Bad!

Here's the thing, though: I wouldn't even consider buying a pair of shoes from a thrift store. Why? because the thought of wearing shoes someone else has worn and then cast off is squicky. It seems different when you cast them off to the Goodwill and when you sell them on ebay because they are still worth wearing. Right?

I think the real issue is that I want the shoes all to myself. If I am going to own and wear couture I want it to be all mine, as if it was made specifically for me. I can clearly imagine the entire process my Ferragamos went through to get to my feet. I don't even think anyone else tried them on before they fabulously found their fabulous way onto my fabulous feet. They were made for me and they are my soulmates. No pun intended because I do not joke about shoes or love. They really are just that important. In the end, I've decided that since these shoes made me whimper and weep, I should get over it all and get them. No! Bad Liesl, Bad!

A pair of Louboutins of my very own? Good, Liesl! Good!

Today's favorite shoe:
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Casadei "5240"

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Ray said...

The same tension you're describing is amplified in the world of denim.

A beautiful pair of raw denim jeans will take shape around the frame of their wearer. They don't become unwearable for others, but the stretch, fade, and wear patterns on a pair of jeans that have been worn lovingly for even a few months are unique and personal. And yet there's a thriving market for used raw denim.

Some people seem not to be able to resist the allure of the quality of materials, workmanship, and aesthetic splendor of a pair of sweet jeans, even if they've been broken in around someone else's legs. For others (including myself), though, the bonding experience of the first several months of wear are almost a sacrament.

Shoegirls said...

I get that. Feet are so personal and they fit in shoes in unique ways. How could you expect to have the same bonding experience with a pair of shoes someone else broke in?

Analise said...

Good post.