Thursday, April 12, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I was shopping for shoes the other day at Fossee's, one of my favorite shoe stores, when I overheard a woman telling another woman that a shoe salesman at Saks had told her that designers were no longer making narrow shoes and she had to just get used to it. I found that to be utterly reprehensible. How could that ass expect anyone to just get over being able to wear anything but tennies because fabulous shoes no longer fit?

This was brought to mind tonight when I was watching one of my all time favorite movies, Once Upon A Time In The West. In a particularly brutal scene Henry Fonda asks Claudia Cardinale if there was anything she wouldn't do to save her skin. She replies: nothing. There is another character who desires nothing more than to see the Pacific ocean before he dies; he is willing to anything to get there. The Charles Bronson character will sacrifice himself just to get revenge for the murder of his brother. And the last major character, played by Jason Robards will do almost anything for money.

All of this exposition on OUTITW is just to ask this one question: what wouldn't I do for fabulous shoes? Oh, you know what? maybe I shouldn't write that down where people can read it. Um... never mind.

I wonder if Christian Louboutin takes souls in payment for his shoes?

Today's favorite shoe:
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Christian Louboutin, "Yo Yo Zeppa 3"

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