Friday, April 27, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I was at Northpark again today and had the opportunity to sit and watch women shopping in J. Jill. I noticed a woman walking around who was probably around 60. Keep in mind that I live in Dallas where plastic surgery is queen so you never really can guess a person's age. Anyway, this woman was carrying a black patent leather oversized bag with bling and studs on it, wearing a pink top with khaki capris, pink floral high heeled slides with a big ass bow and she had bright red polish on her toes. Does the woman own a mirror?

I know this woman thought she looked put together and even cute, but ladies! mixing seasons and clashing colors and too young for you styles is so wrong. It's spring! leave the black patent leather anything packed away in tissue for next winter. Then again, oversized and blingy patent leather purses should probably be lovingly packed away in the garbage can. But the shoes! Christ on a bike, step away from shoes that have both a gaudy floral pattern AND a bow. Step away, now! Step away especially if you are over the age of fifteen.

Fabulosas, please! It isn't hard to take a quick look in the mirror to see how the total package comes together. If you can acknowledge that any part of your anatomy is hosting something you might have seen in Seventeen magazine, take it off. Unless you are, in fact, seventeen. The capris this woman was wearing were cute; all she needed was a new purse and new shoes to look fabulous. How hard is it to compliment yourself with the right shoes? Not hard at all. If you can't figure out how to do it, email me and I'll help.

Act your age, mama, not the shoes you wore in high school.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Isaac Mizrahi "Ariane"
Very much on sale, by the way.

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Beena Sadasivan said...

Hey, Met you guys at the PBWC yesterday...nice concept..and loved the idea..good work..someday when i can affort them...i'll think of you guys..good luck with your business!!

Shoegirls said...

I think you have us confused with someone else.