Monday, March 26, 2007

Liesl, 7N

Suz will be coming back to the blog someday, I promise.

I have been putting off writing about the Balenciaga exhibit at the Meadows Museum because it requires a great deal of thought and introspection. I went to the exhibit over a week ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head since.

The clothes were, in a word, sublime. Seeing that exhibit drives home the point that true style is timeless as many of the dresses, hats and shoes were from the 50s. When you see a gown like this you know that there is such a thing as style that never ends or dies. Some people say love never dies; I say that is equally true of style.

This all got me to wondering if fashion and fabulousness were akin to love. I know some people will scoff at the notion but they are not seeing beautiful fashion as it should be seen: necessary. Think of how boring and cheap our world would be if our only options were the latest styles from Tommy Hilfiger and Jessica McClintock. I just threw up a little bit at the thought. Think of it this way: if we can describe love popularly as a many splendored thing, can't we use those same words for fashion? What you get from a pair of Louboutins is entirely different from what you get from a pair of Weitzmans; however, the love of both is equal insofar as it is valid and necessary for a happy existence.

There is this popular belief among people who study aesthetics that sublimity only comes to mankind when we view something in nature, or when we view art that reminds us of the power of nature. I heartily disagree. Sublimity is man's attempt at finding their soul through art and touching the outer limits of the beautiful. If you accept that contention then you must accept that shoes fall into that category; shoes are, to be precise, little pieces of art made so that we can have art, beauty and sublimity everywhere we go. We walk through our lives knowing that we are sublime; we are beauty; we are indelibly linked to all that is beautiful in life.

Do you want to challenge my love/fashion/sublimity assertion? Remember this: I know shoes better than you do and I can argue until paisley comes back in style. I can argue until pill box hats come back in style. I can argue until Nehru jackets come back in style. I can even argue until acid washed jeans come back in style. You understand that means forever, right?

Now go get a pedicure and be worthy of sublimity in its material form.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Jimmy Choo

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and your taste in shoes, and shoes in general (of course!). The problem is that I am only 14 years old, and aside from being doomed to spend hours and hours with fellow students (and TEACHERS!!) wearing Crocs, I am too young to wear most of the fantastic shoes out there without looking trampy. Also, I have a very limited budget and I live in the Middle East so I can’t even shop at a local Payless or Target – because there aren’t any. I’ve scrutinized a bunch of online shoe shopping sites but the girl shoes are mostly horrific and the women shoes are either too expensive or too adult looking or both. Please, Help me save myself from the two prevalent styles here: Crocs/flipflops and un-age-appropriate shoes!! Can you recommend any shoes I could purchase online?

Shoegirls said...

Hi! We are so glad you like our blog. We love that you're reading from the middle east. I (Liesl) have been looking for a shoe site that ships to the middle east and I have come up empty. I can't believe this is a futile search, though, since there are many very wealthy people in the middle east and they have to get their fabulous shoes somewhere. So, if you tell me where you are in the middle east, I will do my best to find one for you. And I would love to help you pick out appropriate shoes!

When I was your age I had this pair of black patent leather kitten heeled pumps with a small red ribbon kind of thing on them. I loved those shoes so very much. I wonder what I did with them? I also had a pair of light brown Mia flats that I wore until they had a sizeable hole in the sole. They just went with everything!

If you don't feel comfortable announcing where you are on the blog please email us at:

Yay for a 14 year old who loves good shoes!

Anonymous said...

I am the 14 year old who loves good shoes...

Thanks for responding so quickly!
I live in Israel, but I have a pair of grandparents in the states, so if there is no company that ships to Israel I might be able to have an online company ship them to my grandmother and have her mail them here.
Also, if a suitable style is found I might be able to search for something similar in my local stores. After all, we do have a lot of stores and malls and everything here in Israel- the problem is that fashion tends to run to to extremes: super-dowdy or very slutty.
Also, I need shoes to wear to school too (a religious school) so they can't be too sexy and they should be practical.

Thanks for your help and have a great day!!

Shoegirls said...

You know, I came very close to going to Hebrew University, though I am not Jewish. But that's a story for another day.

In my search for shoes in Israel I ran across an artist I think is interesting. I want this!

Look at what else I found:
tsk, tsk, tsk. I feel for you!

OK, I have searched and searched and even called your embassy here in the States and I have not been able to find anyone who ships to Israel. I think that is a major flaw in business!

With that in mind, I have perused several sites and found these styles that I like. Let me know what you think: They come in white as well. Lots of different colors for this one, too. If these came in narrow I would have to have them! This is turning out to be bad for me because I think I need these, too.

Instead of flip flops: Thank god these don't come in narrow. *sigh*

I have a black pair like this and I adore them:

Just kidding!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Remember the Mia flats I told you about having when I was your age?! If these were brown and plain, they would the same! I am unreasonably excited:

Oh man, I need these:

I need these too:

Are you overwhelmed, yet?

In a way, I am lucky I have narrow feet; I'd spend way, way too much on shoes.

I have a thing for tweed:

I'm thinking about getting this in pink:

Suz tells me this is all the rage in New York right now:

I came very close to buying these: I still might.

OK, I think I've probably overwhelmed you enough for one day. Let me know what you think, even if you don't like things. I can help you more when I know more of what you like. :>

Anonymous said...

Hi! [Me again, the 14 year old who loves good shoes...]
I really appreciate the time you must have spent finding all those shoes.

My sister (18) has shoes that look a lot like this, but black with no sparkles!
Those ballet flats with the little bow are very popular right now – but I don’t like them a whole lot; definitely not enough to insist on getting the exact same type of shoe my sister has.

Now for my likes and dislikes: I don’t really care for pointed toes and peep-toes, although I’m close to falling in love with this pair that you recommended: I find thongs very uncomfortable (doesn’t that sound terrible?? But that’s what all kinds of shoe sites call it –here’s proof:

I don’t think tweed, plaid or print shoes would be a good idea because the number of pairs I can buy is limited and it is hard to match shoes like that to outfits.

I kind of liked this pair:
But it wouldn’t look as good in any other color and red is too siren-ish for me and would not match any of the clothes I have. It looks cute and comfortable and the little criss-crosses with the straps are interesting.

These are probably still too adult:
And I would prefer something with a strap around the ankle so it won’t fall off. I’m pretty clumsy.

Anyway, I feel like I’m on the verge of T.M.I., so thanks for your help and have a wonderful weekend!

Shifra from Israel

P.S. I hope I didn’t create the impression that Israel is totally backward fashion-wise, although that may be true of many girls in my class!

Liesl said...

hi Shifra!

I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've responded. It's been a busy few days. OK, this is what I am getting from you: patterns are bad since you need something that goes with a lot of different things. No slides without an ankle strap. No red! And no ballet flats with bows. Let me know what you think of these:

Basic and they come in lots of different colors:
I wouldn't recommend the camo for you, maybe black.

I keep going back to this style, though not in gold:

You can't go wrong with mary janes:

I just remembered that you said you didn't like pointy toes. This one is a bit more pricey but the tan would go with just about everything:

Not in silver, maybe black:

This one in black:

Lots of different colors:

I bought these in red but had to take them back because they just didn't fit. The brown color is gorgeous:

Lots of different colors for this one, too:

Let me know what you think. Remember, I won't be at all offended if you don't like any of these shoes.


Shoegirls said...

oops! that last comment was from me, obviously. This is my alter ego. Or, half of it is, anyway.