Friday, March 23, 2007

Liesl, 7N

My quest for the perfect black slide continued today. I met my mom at Nordsrom's to see a pair of shoes she had seen featured in an ad in the paper; they were too utilitarian for me but I decided to try them on anyway. They really weren't for me but the salesman brought out another pair by the same designer. I tried those on, and... I bought them.

Have you ever been seduced by a comfortable pair of shoes? I know I don't have to ask this question about fabulous shoes because those shoes need very little seduction to land in your shopping bag. You know how it goes: you see them, they flirt just slightly, pretty much ignoring your existence but still allowing themselves to be viewed; they somehow manage to find their way onto your feet and onto your Neiman's InCircle card. Wham, bam, thank you Mr. Louboutin.

No, what I am referring to is, trying on a pair of not so fabulous shoes because the salesman brought them out and you can't believe how comfortable they are and how good they feel on your feet. You know what you're thinking: "They really are not my style and they look old lady-ish but ohmyfreakinggod, they are so comfortable. I could walk in these for days and my feet would never hurt!" I think we've all done it and, more often than not, regretted it.

I did it today. I am ashamed to admit that I bought these shoes in black. I am going to take them back, not to worry. But I swear, they are so unbelievably comfortable. I just don't understand why these people who make comfortable shoes also don't seem to have even a vague sense of style. Do comfortable shoe designers sign some sort of pledge that forces them to only design ugly grandmother traipsing through Italy on a package tour shoes?

In the end, we went to one of my favorite shoe stores, Fossee's. They have left-overs of mid range designer shoes for reasonable prices. I can't find the two pairs of slides I bought online but I did end up getting a black pair. They aren't exactly what I was looking for, they're better. And all was not lost at Nordstrom's; I did manage to get a fabulous pair of Anne Klein slides for a steal. I like slides. A lot.

There is nothing wrong with being free with your virtue if it gets you fabulous shoes.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Tory Burch

7 Fabulosas:

Jennifer said...

Two words: Tommy Bahama.

What the hell were we thinking when we bought those?


Shoegirls said...

BWHAHAHA! I have no idea. And dude, I bought TWO PAIRS!

Anonymous said...

Pretty off topic, but...

What do you think about these?

Shoegirls said...

I like those but I wouldn't wear them. I have a freaky thing about heel straps. I am very, very picky.

Anonymous said...

What about these?

Shoegirls said...

I couldn't open any of those links. Sorry!

Shoegirls said...

OK, I was able to look at those shoes you posted, anonymous. The second pair? I tried those on! lol. I really, really wanted them but they were too spendy. The others have heels that are too high. *sigh*