Monday, January 08, 2007

Liesl, 7N

This blog entry is dedicated to my friend Tabitha. Tabitha is an incredible inspiration not just to me, but to many. I won't go into detail about her health concerns since that is truly not my story to tell, just rest assured that Tab is an amazing person with some very difficult challenges in her life. Tabitha asked me to showcase some comfortable shoes, so that is what I am doing.

In last month's StrokeSmart magazine there was an article about women who can no longer wear their favorite shoes because of the strokes they've suffered. The article focused on younger women, not your stereotypical stroke survivor. One woman would surround herself with her fabulous shoes from Nordstrom's just to feel like she was still connected to her shoes. I get that.

It's very unfair when something we cannot control takes away our passion; passions like shoes. There are some local craftsmen out there who are trying to make cute shoes for people with things like drop foot or mobility issues, but really? they are more about comfort than fashion. I think those two things could go together if someone with some design sense would design those orthopedic shoes. Come on designers! step up to the plate for people who love shoes but can no longer wear their old fabulous shoes! People with disabilities deserve some little pieces of fabulous, too, damn it!

Tabitha! this one's for you:
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Chloe Ballerina Flat (Hey, I never said it would affordable!)

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~Di~ said...

I agree Tabitha is an amazing inspiration to many! I love the shoe you chose for her. Lol I would wear them!