Saturday, September 09, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I had a very bad experience the other day and I am afraid I am scarred for life. I have waited to blog about it because I was hoping I could get some perspective on it and be able to write about it with little emotion. That perspective has not come and I am still shaking from the experience. Please, read no further if you have delicate sensibilities.

I went to Nordstroms with my mom; she wanted to buy me a pair of shoes but I could not find anything I wanted. Oh sure, there were some fabulous shoes that I liked quite a bit, but none of those fit and the ones that did fit were not the ones I wanted. I have been searching for a shoe support group in the area but have come up empty; what else can I do to get over this trauma? Someone suggested valium and I think that's a good option but I don't have any. Someone else suggested an ascetic retreat but that person was clearly insane; you can't do yoga in a loincloth and Manolos. Someone else suggested that I voluntarily commit myself for a few days "rest," but have you seen the shoes they make the patients wear when they are "resting?" Nuh uh, not for me. I was at a loss; what was I to do?

I finally figured it out: Neimans.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Gucci Flat

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