Sunday, August 13, 2006

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There has been a rather amusing thread over at about crocs. People are very passionate about these fugly blocks. The croc lovers were up in arms that anyone dared criticize them. Defensive much? One person went so far as to say the thread was making her ill. If only people would be as passionate about things that really mattered as they are about their crappy $35 pieces of rubber.

Like how wonderful Nordstrom's customer service is, for instance.

I bought a pair of shoes the other day online that I've been eyeing for months. They were on sale for $45, marked down from $89. A bargain, I thought! I went back online to take another look at them and saw they had been marked down again to $26. What to do? What any smart shopper does. I emailed customer service and asked for a refund of the difference. And, within 24 hours, I received a reply, and a credit to my account.

The only fault I find with Nordstrom is that they sell Crocs. That is deeply distressing. My haven for shoe fashion sells those things. They are encouraging America's further slide into a void of stylessness.

What's a girl to do? I'm considering buying stock in Crocs. I can hate them all I want, but if fools want to buy them, I may as well make money off their idiocy. Better yet, all of you who like crocs, just paypal me $35 and we can cut out the middleman. More money for me to buy beautiful shoes.

Today's shoe of the day, proving style, function and comofort can meet:

Skechers Bikers 'Propel'

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It seems the best solution.