Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's A Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain

Suz, 10N

I did something special today. Something I have never done before. Something I've only dreamed about, but never actually acted upon.

Today, I tried on a pair of Jimmy Choos. And they were good. My feet have now been shod in the most fabulous of fabulous.

I popped my Choo Cherry.

The day started out innocently enough. Went to work, dealt with a couple of problems, and then it was time for lunch. My friend R wanted to get something to wear under the bridesmaid dress she has to wear on Friday. Spanx. If you don't know what Spanx are, you need to learn. But that's another topic for another day. Anyhow, the closest location that sells them to our office is Saks. So off we went. As we stood in the elevator, the shoe department was calling me. We took care of R's errand, and then indulged ourselves. We went shoe shopping at Saks.

You might think people would find us odd, as we cavorted through the displays, picking up Yves St. Laurent here, Christian Loboutin there. Cooing over them. Gasping in delight. No one seemed to find it odd. I don't think we were the only ones.

And then...

we spied the sales racks.

First, I tried on a beautiful pair of Stuart Weitzman evening sandals. Magenta silk. Peep toe. 4" heel. Next, a pair of Pucci espadrille thongs. My hands stopped of their own accord over the Choos. Gently lifted them from the rack. They were a pair of platform sandals. In denim. 4" heels on these, too. Ankle strap. I stood there, balancing on one leg, while I slipped my foot into one. It felt like I had come home. R ooohed and ahhhhed. They looked so good on my feet. Let me tell you, the thought of a 4" heel may sound painful and scary, but dear God, these felt like slippers. I shit you not. I stood there in them for a good couple of minutes. Mentally trying to find the money somewhere. They were originally $575, but on sale for $350! Finally, R got practical, and reminded me we had to get back to work. I reluctantly took the shoes off and returned them to the rack.

I was sad.

Fast forward to tonight. I get home from work. I kick off my ballet flats, and go on a search for my slippers. I love my slippers. They're called Zaks, and my sister-in-law gave them to me for Christmas years ago, swearing they were the most comfortable slippers ever. She's right. I have worn them out. They are in a sorry state. They have holes in the toes, and the fleece lining is popping out. So my husband Bruce looks at them, and says "you need a new pair of slippers for your birthday" (which is July 29, if anyone is interested...) I responded - "no, what I need for my birthday are the Choos I tried on today at Saks!"

Bruce: WHAT were you doing trying on Choos at Saks?!!!
Me: I HAD to.
Bruce: $350 is too much money to pay for a pair of shoes.
Me: Are you high?
Bruce: That's as much as 2 8 balls cost!
Me: I'd get more enjoyment from the shoes for longer than I would a couple of 8 balls.

There are two things here that stand out. One, I have found grounds for divorce from Bruce. Speaking against the cost of the Choos is sacreligious. Yet, I have found another reason to love him.

My husband knows what Choos are.

I'm a lucky girl.

Today's shoe. The Choos, in all their glory. Except not in denim, because I couldn't find a picture.

Jimmy Choo - Velvet Platform Sandals>

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