Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Colors! The Colors!

Suz, 10N

"You can tell a woman likes shoes if she's wearing bright blue loafers"

This keen observation was made by one of my colleagues yesterday. She was talking about me, of course.

She also was wearing a fabulous pair of peep-toe, black suede pumps with a wood platform wedge. To die for!

Anyway, her comment got me thinking. What does your choice of shoe color say about you? Do you play it safe with neutrals, or do you break out the bright blue loafers? I like shoes of color. I have a pair of red snakeskin boots, my blue loafers. silver slingbacks, gold ballroom dancing shoes (yes, you read that right), burgundy suede ankle boots, well, you get the picture. I still don't have as many colorful shoes as I think I should, though.

I notice when I wear any of the more colorful shoes in my wardrobe, I feel better. There's a spring in my step, a little sashay to my stride. Conversely, when I wear my more staid and boring shoes, I tend to slump a little. Not that I have many staid and boring shoes, mind.

I'm not knocking a fabulous pair of black pumps. Not ever. They are always right and always in good taste. But a fabulous pair of red pumps is right up there. Or black patent, which is a whole 'nother animal.

The only exceptions to my colorful shoe love are the ones you know I hate about all others. Crocs. Those suckers are hideous. I hope that is a trend that dies a swift and horrible, painful death.

So bust out the color, my dear friends! Your feet and your pscyhe will thank you for it!

Today's shoe:

BCBG Max Azria 'Mallies' Sandal

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Jen said...
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Shoegirls said...

Baditude, you are young yet. Embrace the shoes. At all price points. Except the really cheap ones, and crocs.

Jen said...
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Shoegirls said...

$2 rubber flip flops look better.

MichelleBB said...

Crocs rule!