Thursday, April 06, 2006

Liesl, 7N

Crocs are what is wrong with this country. When the people of this country think it is OK to wear brightly colored plastic shoes in public we know we've got a serious epidemic going on; I name this epidemic: Don'tCareHowILookFascitis.

Darlings! is there a reason you think that plastic shoes that make your feet smell like ass are a good idea? I know that comfortable shoes are a good thing and we can't always wear our most fabulous Manolos; however, there is a difference between sacrificing comfort for fabulous and having comfortable shoes that borrowed a bit of fabulous from their 4-inch Charles David sisters.

Look at our country today: Hawaiian shirt production is up and it has never been made illegal to wear socks with sandals. When it's possible to still buy a visor with the latest Nascar logo splashed across its bill then you know this country has some serious issues. Perhaps if we banned such things as tube socks and gold lame we'd have a happier, prettier world. More people would say hello and smile at you if you were wearing something fabulous. Politics would be populated by people who truly knew what was important: fashion. Stray dog populations would be down due to the need to have something to walk while showing off your fabulous shoes. Let's face it, life would be that much sweeter if bad fashion were illegal.

All of you reading this blog, stand up! Stand up now and go to your windows and doors and open them! Open them wide and yell: "I'm mad at Crocs and I'm not gonna wear them anymore!" Now throw those Crocs in the trash and say hello to a better tomorrow.

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r1234567 said...

I agree with you on Nascar and Hawaiian shirts but stop insulting my crocs. Crocs have a purpose as my life is pretty home centered. They are great to slip on to get the mail, to work on my garden, and to walk to the park. If they get muddy, I can just hose them down.

Would I wear these to go out to dinner or wear them when I work? Of course not. Unless I get some croc charms to dress them up.

Shoegirls said...

There is hope, if you do not go out in public with them. There are many people who do not show such restraint, sadly.


Shoegirls said...

oh my god, if you get croc charms I will absolutely come to Chicago and throw them away for you!