Monday, April 10, 2006

The Importance of Good Grooming

Suz, 10N

First, in an earlier post, I said that I thought sandals should not be worn until leaves are on the trees. Probably May. I forgot that in NYC, some of the trees have their leaves already. So, I am going to revise my opinion. If it's 70 degrees or warmer in April, sandals are ok.

Which leads to today's topic. Good grooming. Especially when it comes to your feet.

Ladies (and gents), under no circumstances should your toes make an appearance in public without first having received a pedicure. I don't care if you do one at home, or go to a salon, but you must have those feet in shape. There is very little more revolting than to look at someone's feet in their sandals, and see ragged toenails, dry skin, and cracked heels. Not to mention toe cheese. My first question is how can you stand your own feet looking like that, and second, how dare you subject the rest of us to them?

So, take care of those tootsies. I recommend a salon pedicure to at least get you started. For maintenance, a pumice stone at the end of your shower does the trick. Apply some moisturizer (not too much) when you get out of the shower, and you're good to go. If you apply too much, you will slide around in your shoes, which can lead to serious injury. Trust me. I know. I broke my foot once because my foot slid off a pair of Easy Spirit slides. Imagine my horror. June, and I had to have a cast up to my knee. But you know what? I kept getting pedicures on my good foot. And the nail tech would file and repolish my toes peeking out of the cast. I have also never worn Easy Spirits again.

Speaking of polish - it is not required to have well-groomed feet. It is a personal preference. As long as your feet are neat and clean, you are good to go. However - if you polish - you must maintain! No chipped and peeling polish on your toes, please! It's almost as bad as scaly toes.

If you have the misfortunate of having hairy toes, you should shave them. Or wax them. Or Nair them. Ladies should not have hairy toes. Gents, I'm not into your hairy toes either, but I guess I have to live with them.

Take care of your feet. Treat yourself to a pedicure. They feel so good, and you deserve a little pampering. As does the rest of the public who have to see your feet in sandals.

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