Thursday, March 30, 2006

Suz, 10N

No Ugly Shoes!

There should be a ban on ugly shoes. You know the ones I'm talking about. The sturdy oxford, the hippie sandal/clog, the thick-heeled pumps and slides.

Worse yet, is that people wear them. I'm not sure why. I totally understand the need for comfort, and if you have problems with your feet, 3" heels are not for you. But that does not mean you must wear ugly.

Why are these shoes even made? Who comes up with these designs? Why did these designs even make it off the design table, let alone actually get manufactured?

This leads me to another thought. WHY do shoe manufacturers think that someone with large, wide feet, wants to wear ugly shoes? (or large narrow feet, but I have more options). A friend recently asked for help in finding shoes for her size 9.5 WW feet. Let me tell you, the pickins were slim. Nordstrom's had a few options. Zappos has quite a few, which is nice. But honestly, why should it be so hard? Why should a young attractive woman who cannot help her shoe size be relegated to the dregs of shoe fashion?

Shoe manufacturers, take heed! You are missing out on a huge market. If you made more attractive shoes available to women with hard to fit feet, you'd make a boatload of cash. I guarantee it.

Today's shoe:

Linea Paolo 'Deandra' Flat

5 Fabulosas:

K said...

You should definetely post something about these new shoes that everybody seems to be wearing god knows why cause they are just despicably and hautingly disturbing!
I couldn't find picture, but they are these clogs that are made of rubber and they have holes in them 1
eekkk... people are wearing them cause they are "cumfy"
I dunno what else to say !

Shoegirls said...

I know of what you speak! CROCS. They are the devil. See Liesl's post above mine for what she would do with them if she could.

They are bad, bad, bad.

Can you imagine how your feet must smell after wearing them? EW.


K said...

They smell horrible...imagine having to take a class for hours and smelling the stench that comes from the feet of 3 people that sit next to you wearing these...It rains over here almost everyday mind you... so it's worse when they get wet
*passes out from stench*

Shoegirls said...


Shoegirls said...

You need to direct your classmates here so that they may learn he error of their ways.