Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I, like so many others, enjoy running through the rain and stomping in puddles. I also enjoy pretending to be Gene Kelly, though I think I look pretty ridiculous when I try to sing and dance in the rain. However, whether you're doing your best Liesl a la Gene Kelly impression or you're just trying to get from your car to Neiman's, you really have to remember that your shoes deserve better than a giant puddle and a watery grave. Death by puddle is no way for a fabulous pair of shoes to go.

Let's be honest, we can't control everything in life and the weather is one of those very uncontrollable things. Does this mean that we should sacrifice fashion for foot protection? Well, sort of. I see nothing wrong with admitting that the weather is preventing us from wearing our most fabulous shoes and strapping on a pair of rain boots for the road. I also see nothing wrong with changing your shoes once you get to your destination. Please remember though that it is impolite to puddle on peoples' floors, so change your shoes immediately, if at all possible. But not in front of others! That would be indelicate.

Excuse me, it looks like rain outside and I need to practice my Gene Kelly steps. If you're driving down the road and you see a red headed woman doing her best to dance like Gene Kelly and failing miserably, honk if you love shoes!

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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Laurence Dacade Feric

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