Monday, March 06, 2006

Suz, 10N

First, I must apologize for my tardiness in updating. Life has been in the way. While it certainly should not take precedence over shoes, sometimes, it cannot be avoided.

That said, I must discuss the poor shoe choices I've seen over the past week. Liesl has already contributed, and I shall do the same. Hereafter, this will be an ongoing feature of our blog. We call it:

WWIMD? (What Would Imelda Marcos Do?)

My first culprit:

I was waiting for my train to arrive. It was 8:30 AM. It was bright, sunny, and very, very cold. Very cold. It is March in New York after all, and I live north of the city, where it is often a good 10-15 degrees colder than in Manhattan. This woman appears. I see her often. She irritates me. She has one of those grating, nasally NY accents, and always speaks at a high volume. But I digress. It is her footwear I want to discuss. Slides. 2 1/2" heel slides. As in sandals. As in summer. Worn with, you guessed it, pantyhose. How she didn't break her leg slipping around on them, I don't know. So there was this vision - a bulky down coat, scarf, mittens and summer sandals.

PEOPLE. Use your head.

My second culprit:

This sighting was just last night on 6th Avenue and 22nd Street. There were a lot of things wrong - I think the shoes might have been the least of this woman's problems.

Helmet hair
Faux leopard swing coat
Leopard leggings

The shoes? Loafers.

Lady, if you're going to dress like a slut, at least wear the right shoes. That outfit was begging for very, very high heels. Either wedges or stiletto's.

Today's Shoe:

Marc Jacobs '663155 Flat'

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