Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Suz, 10N

What to wear in the rain?

Although it's been pretty dry in these parts this month, we all know that spring showers are coming. What do you wear on your feet when it rains? I notice people wear sneakers a lot. Or just their regular shoes. Or, on occasion, a boot. One of my favorite trends in the past couple of years are brightly colored rainboots. So much more cheery.

There's something to be said for regressing back to your childhood by wearing rainboots. They are also empowering. Screw you, rain, my feet are not going to get wet! This is especially key in Manhattan, where you need to walk a lot. If you're not protecting your feet, you will have very damp tootsies. That is never good. The specter of athlete's foot looms, along with modly socks, and horrors of horrors - stinkfoot.

One of the things I hate most about Manhattan in the rain are the big puddles near the street corners. Cabs often take those corners close and at a high rate of speed, which means if you're standing too close - not only are your feet soaked, but the rest of you is too. Gross.

So next time it rains, do yourself a favor. Wear something bright and cheery. It's bad enough that it's dark and damp, no need for your feet to suffer too.

Today's shoe:

Tamara Henriques Pink Toile Kitten Heel Boot

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