Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Suz, 10N

You may wonder how my spouse feels about my love of shoes. Probably the way I feel about his love for Madden Football for the Xbox.

B is quite indulgent of my shoe love. He knows how hard a time I have finding ones I like that fit, so he doesn't bat an eye when I come home with a new pair. This might be different if I had an average size foot and could walk into any store, pick out my size in a cute shoe and buy it. If we are out and about, and pass a shoe store, and he catches me looking longingly into the window - he simply says "do you really want to do that to yourself?" He knows that if I go in, I will quickly become angry and distraught because the store doesn't carry my size.

He is also very good about praising my shoe purchases. He always compliments my choice. Then again, he's pretty free with the compliments anyway. I'm a lucky girl!

Today's shoe:
Vaneli 'Yazz' Sandal

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