Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Suz 10N

So where to buy shoes? I'm lucky - I have all of NYC at my disposal. Yet - believe it or not - for a girl with narrow feet, the choices are limited. Wait. Allow me to clarify. For a girl with narrow feet on a budget, the choices are limited.

Now that I've cleared that up, let's discuss. When I shop in the city for shoes, I have a few favorite haunts. The first being Filene's Basement on 6th Ave & 18th St. Hit or miss, but they have loads of shoes, in tons of styles, and they won't break the bank. Looking for shoes that will fit me is like a treasure hunt, but the thrill of the catch is incredible! When I see that magical 10N on the bottom of a sweet pair of shoes, my day is made.

Another haunt is TJ Maxx - at the same location. I can't forget Burlington Coat Factory on the corner of 23rd & 6th. They've got a Marty's Shoes in there where I have excellent luck.

Next, I like to go to Medici on 23rd St between 5th & 6th and Shoegasm which is just up the street from there. They don't always carry narrow shoes, but they have a big selection, and some of the shoes run narrow, so I luck out. Besides that, how can you not shop at a store called Shoegasm?

Online, my favorites are Nordstrom, Zappos and Naturalizer.

Happy Shopping! Remember - comfort does not equal ugly!

Today's shoe:

Hollwould Velvet D'Orsay Pump

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kellywagg said...

I want a store called Shoegasm!!!

Shoegirls said...

Everyone does!