Sunday, September 09, 2007

Liesl, 7N

Yes, we've both been neglecting the blog lately. Life gets in the way, though it should never, ever supersede shoes. evereverevereverevereverever.

Have you noticed the prevalence of stripper shoes in mainstream shoe stores lately? What's that about? You know the ones I mean: the ridiculously high heels and the inch platform under the vamp. Not to mention the shiny factor. Are women truly supposed to wear those things shopping? I want to know who started this trend. I suspect it was a designer who either hates women or wants them all to be sluts. (not that strippers are all sluts, this is just a perception thing and I am not getting into any further because I don't have to) When did those pieces of ick become popular? Where was I... distracted by the Croc hate?

Stripper shoes are not fabulous. They are made a certain way because many men think they make women look sexy and they highlight a woman's upturned tush. Why, in the name of all the cheap lace at Fredericks of Hollywood, are women wearing these things to the mall? Have we learned nothing in the past thirty years? Did the ERA movement not teach us that we can demand to be fabulous unapologetically and unequivocally? Fabulous shoes can be about many things, to be sure. They can be about looking sexy, looking classic, feeling wonderful. But they should never be about someone's mistaken idea that women should buy into the notion that they are nothing more than a hooha on heels. No, ladies. Take those shoes back and demand something truly fabulous in return.

I'm a hooha with a brain in heels.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Jimmy Choo "Hardy"

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I lurve this site with all its humour

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