Thursday, May 17, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I've noticed a trend that seems interesting to me: African American women tend to wear really fabulous shoes. If I look at a group of women and there is just one pair of fabulous shoes among them, nine times out of ten they will be worn by a fabulous African American woman.

Do I think this has anything to do with the amount of melanin a person has in their skin? of course not. I do think this fabulous shoe trend has everything to do with culture. This thought inevitably led me to wonder about the role culture plays in a true love of shoes.

Is there a shoe culture? As I have stated previously, you can tell when a woman truly loves shoes when you compliment her on her shoes. I compliment women on their shoes all the time and I am always amazed by the women who don't really care about their little pieces of fabulous. Then there are the ones who clearly do love them. I complimented a woman yesterday who launched into an expository speech about why she can now wear heels since she is dating a tall man. She also told me she wished she were short so that heels would do even more for her. That's my kind of woman: a woman who sees value in herself and her attributes through her shoes. That woman was definitely part of the shoe culture. I am part of the shoe culture. Are you?

Like all good cultures, we need an icon. I nominate Manolo.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Gunmetal "1606"

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