Saturday, February 10, 2007

Liesl, 7N

As I was bending over to pick up my water bottle out of the vending machine at school the other day I noticed the shoes on a student standing next to me. First of all, she had on a short, short skirt and her fat feet were hanging over the back of her flower sandals. Now, I am not a fan of dressing in skintight clothes and short, short skirts and shorts if you do not have the body to support such clothing. But I am fairly live and let live about those things. Muffin tops? yeah, tacky but not the end of the world.

However! I draw the line at the shoes. If you are going to wear sandals, even really ugly sandals, don't wear ones that are two sizes too small. Her feet looked like ham hocks hanging off of a lily pad. Yeah, it looked really bad and really silly. The kicker? it was snowing. This young woman violated so many rules when it comes to shoes; I should have tackled her and forced her fat little feet into snow appropriate shoes. Ew, then I would have had to touch her feet. Ew, nevermind.

I should teach a class on shoes, don't you think?

Today's favorite shoe:
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Giuseppe Zanotti

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Anonymous said...

Blah blah I am a vapid skinny bitch and I hate all fat people!

Fatties burn in hell!