Thursday, January 25, 2007

Liesl, 7N

The search for the perfect pair of slippers. Who knew that would be so trying? As I have stated many times before I have tiny, tiny feet. So, most slip on slippers tend to fall off of my feet. I do still wear a pink fluffy pair but I end up shuffling around, which isn't stealthy when you're trying to sneak up on someone or some cat.

I recently found a pair of Isotoner slippers from Kohl's that are doing the trick, but they're hard to get on. I admit that a part of me wants to wear something like this slipper and pretend I am Mae West. But the hard truth is that those slippers don't do much for cold tootsies. Also? they'd be like walking dog and cat toys.

I suppose I will just be happy with my fugly Isotoner slippers and continue to search for the perfect combination of tootsie warming fabulous slippers.

Yes, I am scraping the bottom of the barrel with this topic.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Sergio Rossi "Raquel"

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selva said...

I was your regular customer to your to your site...Each of your shoes was good..I cant reject any one in yours,now am in confusion, this is very much different from my nike product....