Thursday, November 16, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I had the opportunity to people watch the other day so I, of course, looked at their shoes. There was woman who walked by who really caught my eye; I know that was her plan, to catch the eyes of people around her, but not in the way that it actually happened. She was 60 if she was a day and she was wearing a tight fitting sweater, a short, short miniskirt and platform hooker heels. She also had bleached blond big Texas hair and pounds of make up on. For a moment I thought I was back in L.A. looking at Angelyne. This woman and her outfit got me to thinking about age appropriate fashion, er, shoes.

Aside from the obvious constraints of age and heels, should we ever stop wearing a certain kind of shoe? If you can still wear 4-inch heels when you're in your dotage should you be forced to parade around in sensible flats? I think the answer is no with a caveat: if the word "Candy" is anywhere in the brand or name of the shoe it should not be worn past the age of 15. And that's pushing it. It's not that we expect women to become boring but we also don't expect them to look like they are advertising the latest Tag body spray. People age, things change, gravity will out. Isn't that wonderful?

You cannot step into the same fashion age twice.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Kenneth Cole New York, "Boxed In"

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