Saturday, July 08, 2006

What Liesl Said

Suz 10N

I was just reading about Liesl's experience with the girl in the pink shoes. Liesl is right on in her assessment. If you love shoes (and fashion), when someone compliments you, that opens up a whole world of communication.

I can attest to this because I had that very experience on the E train the other day between Penn Station and 5th Ave/53rd Street.

I got on the train, and as usual, took a look around. I always check people out on the train. Standing right in front of me was a woman with short, chic dark hair, glasses, a gorgeous teal wrap dress, and teal wedge sandals with a cork heel. She looked great. Really great. I pondered for a moment(it's often not a good idea to speak to strangers on the subway), but decided someone who looked that good couldn't be bad.

I leaned over, and said "excuse me, but I just have to tell you, you look fabulous!" A big grin lit up her face, and we immediately started chatting. Turns out she was feeling somewhat insecure about her outfit. Silly girl. This, of course, led to fashion talk. What Not To Wear, specifically. We worked our way through various horrors we'd seen on that show, and then I told her about this blog. I told her about my Choo experience. She oohed and ahhed. She complimented my shoes (Linea Paolo flats). We kept chatting and chatting, and nearly missed our stop. We had to part ways at that point.

I've thought about that conversation with pleasure over the past few days. It's a fine example of how fashion can open doors to new experiences. If she looked like crap, I never would have spoken to her. Why compliment someone who doesn't bother to look good? You don't walk up to someone on the E train who is wearing sweats and crocs and tell them - "gee you look so comfortable!" You probably would avoid them, thinking they were a heroin addict. Instead, because this woman took the time to look good, I ended up with a good memory, and a good mood that lasted the whole day.

Judith, if you're reading this blog - I thought you looked great. And I hope your date that night went really well. I'll see you on the E train sometime.

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