Saturday, July 29, 2006

Liesl, 7N

First of all, today is Suz's birthday. Happy birthday, Suz! Send her a birthday greeting at

I had another shoe dream last night. Suz and I were fugitives from justice in fabulous shoes. We had helped someone kidnap kids out of an abusive situation and we were on the run from the law. You know how in dreams you often do things literally? Well, we were actually running from the law in this dream... in black strappies. I remember looking down at my feet and thinking my fabulous shoes were surprisingly comfortable for running.

Somehow, we managed to stop running long enough to check out Steven Spielberg's new line of Christmas shoes. It didn't seem odd to either one of us that a Jewish film maker would have a line of Christmas shoes. He had a picture of a Christmas tree in his childhood bedroom that was made to look like the place Santa left from to deliver his toys on the shoe label. The shoes weren't even particularly Christmasy. If I remember correctly, they were mostly boots with faux sheepskin lining. Which I support since I like sheep. Yes, I know I am a hypocrite. Anyway, they weren't cute and they were cheap looking, yet we were admiring them. Oddities so far:
1. Steven Spielberg had a line of shoes.
2. They were Christmas shoes.
3. Santa Claus was small enough to live in a Christmas tree.
4. That tree was in Steven Spielberg's childhood bedroom.
5. We were admiring ugly shoes. That really is the oddest part.

I had a pair of Christmas shoes when I was a teenager. I had tied a pair of patent leather lace ups with red and green ribbons and attached bells to those ribbons. I would make a bad fugitive from justice in shoes like that.

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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BCBG Max Azria "Zahida"

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Nathan said...

That sounds pretty normal for a dream!

I like the green slingbacks you posted

Shoegirls said...

Thanks! I've been having crazy dreams just before I wake up, lately. I love, love, love shoe dreams.