Monday, May 08, 2006

Liesl, 7N

Why do designers push the ugly envelope? It always strikes me as so jarring when I am walking through the shoe department at Neiman's, lovingly fondling the Manolos and Ferragamos,only to come upon some hideous creation of couture. Why? Edgy does not mean pretty!

You know you've seen the shoes I am talking about; edgy, downtown meets cottage in Rhode Island "chic." In our ever imploding space why is it we feel we need to meld styles to create ugly, butt ugly! couture? Since when do L.L. Bean and Manolo go together? You know the shoes I'm talking about; uh huh, yeah you do. Who told Guiseppe Zanotti that huge platform foam heels would look good with patent leather half tennies, complete with bow? Who told Marc Jacobs that hospital green was a good color for a wedge? Who told Roberto Cavalli that leopard print and cork are a good combination?

Designers, please! Imagine your shoes on feet and try to imagine those feet looking good in your shoes. No one looks good in duck boots, even if they are fabuloused up with a pair of 3-inch heels. No one looks good in cork or hospital green. Oh, and really? the only people telling you these shoes are fabulous are the people who have their heads so far up your asses that they can't actually see the shoes.

Hope that helps!

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