Saturday, May 20, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I have to wonder how much I would really spend on a pair of shoes. As I peruse the Manolos and the Choos I start to get used to the prices; I get so used to them that when I come across a beautiful pair of shoes for $300 I think they are reasonably priced. Why are beautiful shoes so expensive?

I think they are really expensive because you're not just paying for the shoe and the name; you're also paying for something fabulous to escort you into the world. When you walk down the street to go to your job or to lunch or to Chanel, doesn't it feel better when you have slices of fabulous on your feet? Your feet are literally the things that carry you through life, they should be celebrated. All of the best things we do are on our feet. We dance, we marry, we toast, we hug. And when we talk about doing the right thing we say we stand up for what is right. Our feet are our ambassadors to life.

When you kick that man to the curb, do it while wearing some fabulous Gladstones.
When you stand up to the neighborhood bully, do it while wearing some fabulous Charles Davids.
When you walk away from a bad situation, do it while wearing some fabulous Manolos.
And when you walk into the rest of your life, make sure the shoes that carry you there make you feel as fabulous as you know you are.

So yes, expensive shoes are worth every penny.

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