Thursday, May 04, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I have finally completed the grieving process for the Madden slides my dogs chewed up months ago. Walk down this path with me:

Stage 1: Denial, shock and isolation. The shock wore off pretty quickly after I realized that I had left them on the floor instead of putting them up. The dogs' behavior wasn't shocking, either. Little bastards. However, I kept those shoes in my closet for months after I knew they were gone; I was in complete denial about their demise. I did isolate them from the rest of my shoes so that they wouldn't look even more pathetic next to the whole, fabulousness of my in-one-piece shoes. This stage was hard.

State 2: Anger. I was angry about these shoes for months. Every time I would look for the perfect shoe for my new brown skirt and think of the brown and black slides I would get mad all over again. How could they have chewed up my favorite shoes?? And not just one pair, but two! Don't they know how lucky they all are?? They were all rescued from bad situations and THIS is how they repay me? um... maybe I'm not entirely through with this stage.

Stage 3: Bargaining. I have searched all over Dallas for an appropriate pair of slides to replace the Maddens. I came close with a black pair but they just don't quite make the connection. I've substituted color and material to try and replicate those shoes but nothing has worked. I finally realized that there would be no bargaining with the fashion gods for the Maddens.

Stage 4: Depression. This stage nearly destroyed my soul. I bought a pair of Clark's during this stage and forced myself to wear a pair of unfabulous shoes. I noticed a student looking at them derisively but I felt I deserved that derision for losing my Maddens. I turned down party invitations and lady lunches because I just couldn't face going without my favorite shoes. It was a dark time. I finally lifted myself out of it when Nordstrom's opened in Dallas. After all, there will be other shoes, right?

Stage 5: Acceptance. I did finally accept the loss of my Maddens when I was walking by their new store at Northpark Mall (happy place) and noticed a beautiful pair of candy apple red stilettos. Oh, they were everything a shoe should be! beautiful, bright, torturous on your feet. Yes, all was right with the world again when we can buy such fabulous Maddens. Slides? What slides?

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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Steve Madden Camelia

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Cheryl said...

these are simply faboo...feminine without overkill.

Shoegirls said...

I agree!