Thursday, March 16, 2006

Suz, 10N

Liesl and I have been contemplating what we would give up for shoes. I really had to give some thought to it. Some choices were obvious. Chocolate, for one. I like it, but not that much, and if I gave it up for shoes, I'd have the added benefit of a smaller ass. Wine? Definitely not. I would never give up my wine. Even for shoes. There are some lines that cannot be crossed. Besides that, what good is looking fabulous in your shoes if you aren't accessorizing with a glass of wine at a sidewalk cafe in Manhattan in the spring? Dinner? I could give up food for shoes. Not all food, but skipping a meal now and again in order to have the shoes I want doesn't seem a bad tradeoff. Books? Never. Clothes? Well, if it's a toss up between gorgeous shoes and a new article of clothing, the shoes will win every single time. Bills? Maybe. Once upon a time I wouldn't have batted an eye at putting off paying the electric bill so I could have new shoes. Now that I'm a homeowner, that's changed. I have to be a responsible adult. No matter how much it hurts.

This all leads me to something I would definitely give up for shoes. Sleep. In fact, I did so this morning. I sleep with the TV on. At about 5:40 this morning (an ungodly hour to be sure), something woke me up. I was slightly disoriented because commercials were on, and I was trying to figure out why I woke up. The mystery was solved, as the newscast came back and the segment topic was hot spring shoe trends. I immediately became fully alert, and paid close attention. Obviously, they had promoted the segment before the commercial break, which made it through the mists of sleep into my brain.

For the record, the hot shoe trends for spring are chunky heels, platforms, wedges and espadrilles. Also ankle straps of all types.

Today's favorite shoe:

Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Amelie' Espadrille

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