Monday, March 20, 2006

Suz, 10N

How Shoes Make You Feel Good

As I commute in to the city every day, I make mental notes on the shoes I see people wearing. The past couple of weeks have been sad. Very sad. All drab, worn, tired looking shoes. I think people have had it with cold weather, and their feet are showing it.

When I wear one of my less fabulous pairs of shoes, I feel less fabulous. I might be comfortable, but I know I don't look my best. Sometimes that's just laziness on my part, and sometimes, I feel lousy and don't care if I look it.

This is exactly the time you must revolt against the sad shoe. Your shoes reflect you. If your shoes are worn out, so are you. Never underestimate the power of a great pair of shoes to make you feel good. When I put on my favorite boots, I stop slouching and stand tall. The fact that they have 3" heels helps in that department, but I digress. I walk with an attitude, and people take me seriously. They might also be afraid of me. If I kicked someone in the nuts with those pointy toes, I could mar them for life.

When I wear my sexy silver sandals, they make me feel great. They finish off my favorite evening outfit with panache. They also look great with jeans.

Shoes are the reflection of the inner you. Who do you want to be today?

Today's Shoe

BCBG Max Azria 'Nola' Sandal

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selva said...

wow different style,different look,good color combination,am searching like this,this may give new fashion for fashion girls......