Monday, March 20, 2006

Liesl, 7N

Beautiful shoes make us feel better. I am willing to stand by that categorical statement until my dying day. I have pillowcases that say something like, "Love is like a walk through Paris in very special shoes." That sentiment is really very profound, in my opinion; we love ourselves far more when we feel like there is something special and beautiful about us; why not let that specialness center on our feet?

I think most women have at least one pair of shoes that we regard as our special shoes; the shoes we reserve for when we need to look and feel simply fabulous. What draws us to shoes? It isn't the way they look like they'd be comfortable. It isn't the way they look like you could wear them forever. No. What draws us to shoes are the fabulous lines and colors and the hint that they give us that we are special enough to deserve to wear them. They whisper to us in leather and wood: you deserve that man you've been secretly in love with, you deserve that promotion, you deserve that freshening face lift and most of all, you deserve me. You deserve to walk with the confidence of knowing you have fabulous shoes and they are taking you anywhere you want to go.

Now strut those shoes like your bad self knows you're fabulous!

Today's Favorite Shoe:
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Charles David Myth

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