Monday, February 06, 2006

Suz, 10N

Hard to Fit Feet!

As I was riding along on the subway this morning on my way to work, I pondered yet again upon the shoe manufacturers' blindness towards women who have hard to fit feet.

Why is it that so few manufacturers actually make beautiful, affordable shoes for women who, through no fault of their own, wear sizes outside the norm? Do they think that there aren't very many of these women? They are wrong. Do they think we all want to wear orthopedic shoes? They are wrong. Do they think we only want to wear serviceable shoes? They are wrong.

I am grateful to Nordstrom's. They stock nice shoes in a wide variety of sizes and price points. Yet, even there, the choices available to women with hard to fit feet is inferior to what is available to those with "average" sizes. I also have pretty good luck with Not the stores, but the website. Still - while they do have a pretty good selection for me, I often see shoes that I want, only to find they don't make them in my size. Imagine all the money they're losing! Worse yet, I think their narrows run a little wide. So if I were to go to a size 10S, there is almost NOTHING available at the site that I would be caught dead in. I often end up wearing shoes that don't fit just right, because otherwise, I'd have no shoes at all.

So shoe manufacturers, WAKE UP! You are missing out on a whole lot of profit from a whole lot of women are desperate for pretty shoes for their hard to fit feet. Somebody step up to the plate, for God's sake!

Today's favorite shoe:

Sofft 'Napoli' Sandal

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Anne said...

Ferragamo is your friend! He's a very expensive friend but he's still your friend.

Shoegirls said...

Oh, I love Ferragamos. But I can't afford them! I have one pair, and my cat Sebastian chewed on the heel, the little jerk.