Sunday, February 05, 2006

Liesl, 7N

Not all shoes have to hurt our feet. There are certain shoes I think many of us would suffer for because they are just that special. But let's be honest for a moment and admit that we don't all wear 4-inch Manolos everywhere we go. The problem I see with the generation of comfortable shoes is that many women seem to think that shoes have to be ugly to be comfortable. I am here to proclaim quite vociferously that this is not the case!

I have tiny feet. Tiny. I've had people swear my parents must have bound my feet as a child to make them that small. No, I'm just lucky. Yeah. I have suffered for beautiful shoes for years and I will never stop suffering for them. However, I do think we should acknolwedge that there are some pretty shoes that are comfortable. I recently bought the Tommy Bahama shoes below and they are incredibly comfortable and not so bad on the eyes.

I realize there are more pretty shoes that hurt, but doesn't that mirror life? How many of us have been hurt by a beautiful person? Beautiful food causes cellulite, you know. Beautiful art is painful on the purse. Beautiful music can kill! OK, maybe I've gone too far with that one. The point is, beauty is desirable partially because it is so unattainable. Having beautiful shoes is a small step in the direction of the prettification of our worlds. Take that step with me; you know you want to.

Today's Favorite Shoe:

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Tommy Bahama Bayamo

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