Friday, February 17, 2006

Liesl, 7N

I grew up going to the opera and I was so excited when B bought Suz tickets to the opera for Christmas. He chose La Traviata, one of my favorites and one that is usually sumptuously costumed. I love that the audience members in the orchestra seats are on the same level as the shoes onstage.

I was once hanging out in the wardrobe room before a performance of Les Contes d'hoffmann (my favorite opera) when someone asked the wardrobe lady why they chose such beautifully ornate shoes no one would see under the long dresses; the wardrobe lady replied: "Because they will sing more passionately when they know even their feet are beautiful." That made perfect sense to me then and it makes sense to me now. Do we do things with more panache when we know we are covered in pretty from head to foot? I wonder.

Oh, I love the opera!

Today's favorite shoe:
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Gina Pearl

2 Fabulosas:

Cheryl said...

those are any color!

Shoegirls said...

Did you see the pink ones? I deserve those shoes. I do! I do!