Sunday, July 08, 2007

Liesl, 7N

I was reading a relatively old People magazine today and came across an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker. As we all know, SJP is a fashion icon, especially when it comes to shoes. I love her ideas for her new line of clothes and I love that nothing is over $20. I do believe that fashion should be affordable and I also believe that you can look fabulous on a limited budget if you have some creativity. But that all strays from the point; I was devastated to find that SJP herself has fallen off of her pedestal made of shoe boxes and is now residing in the land of easy comfort over style. She lets her son wear Crocs.

Et tu, Brute? Why? Why would she betray us so? She knows the value of wearable art in shoes! She knows! Oh, cruel SJP, you have wounded me forever. No longer will I watch my beloved Sex and The City complete set DVDs in the pink case with the knowledge that you understand, both professionally and personally, the importance of fabulous shoes. Henceforth, I will replace you in my mind's eye with someone more worthy of my esteem, like Heidi Klum, who clearly doesn't count because she's a model and therefore has to know these things and live them, unlike the rest of us, even actresses, who know these things because we are just that smart and fabulous. Maybe I will replace you with Oprah. I know she has a bajillion dollars and probably doesn't do a lick of shopping herself, but damn it! I'm desperate!

Fate, tragedy, comedy, philosophy, shoes, the whole crazy thing called life. What is it for? I ask you! Is it worth living when the icons of all that is good and fabulous in this world betray our trust and allow the very unfabulous into their lives? Shall we all throw ourselves onto our divans and mourn the loss of style and class in the world? No, I say we fight it. Fight for the shoes and fabulosity of women everywhere. In fact, let's start a shoerrism movement. Some people might throw red paint on fur coats; we'll throw bunion remedies on people who wear Crocs. They might as well announce to the world that they have them, right? Instead of stocking a bunker with canned goods and survivalist knives that do everything from skin a frog to plunge a toilet, we'll stock up on the latest in fabulous shoes. Oh yes! we will fight you! And we will win! Why? Because we're fabulous. Duh.

I can get down with a fringe movement that focuses on shoes.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Salvatore Ferragamo

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Princess Poochie said...

Um, Not to make you feel worse in the face of this devastating news, but your Google ad was for Crocs at ShoeBuy.

Quel horror!

I will join you in the fight against Crocs! I hate them! Hope you will visit my site too and link. I'm new to the blogging.


Shoegirls said...

Google betrays us that way often. It makes me cringe and want to march down to their Deep Ellum office and slap them silly. All of them. I will definitely visit your blog!

Viva la shoevolution!

Princess Poochie said...

Darn those Google guys and gals!
Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

SJP lets her son wear Crocs?! Aaaiiiieeee!!

...because boys don't matter in fashion? But still, even men can find fabulous shoes, as sharply limited as they are.

I was at the hospital the other day and saw more than one staff person wearing Crocs. Can that even be sanitary? At least none of the actual nurses were wearing Crocs.

P.S. Dear fabulous shoegirls, if you're going to do white words on a black background, you gotta boldface the words.

Shoegirls said...

It's a sad, sad day for shoe hos of both genders. *sigh*

I was playing with the template and I've been trying to find a better one. This one isn't good, is it? I am so not good at this. I am better at shoes.